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Chukka Cove Tours in Jamaica

Open Daily 8:00 am - 5 pm
Montego Bay / Runaway Bay / Ocho Rios

Admission varies. Contact Latoya for specific tours.

Chukka Cove offers some of the best adventure tour packages in Jamaica. Specific tours depart from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay. Please contact Latoya about details or arranging any of the tours which include:

River Tubing Safari - Ocho Rios and Montego Bay
Ocho Rios:
Take a drive through the unspoilt hilly interior of Ocho Rios to the 17th Century Landmark “Spanish Bridge” where your expedition starts. We will give you a short safety briefing before assigning each person with a river tube, paddle and life vest.

Our experienced tubing guides will take you on a breathtaking three mile journey down the White River. This river is not only known for its beauty but also as the dividing line between two of the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica, St. Mary & St. Ann.

Feel the changing pace and moods of the white river while passing through coconut plantations, bamboo groves along the river bank and locals in their riverside homes. Enjoy many challenging rapids and enchanting lagoons.

Disembark the river and enter the beautifully landscaped gardens of White River Valley Park where you can browse our gift shop, refresh yourself at the Parrot Bar or indulge in Jamaican cuisine – including sumptuous samples of traditional Jamaican Jerk

This is fun for the whole family and is the best kept secret in Jamaica.

Chukka Caribbean Adventure's Horseback Ride N' Swim
Duration of Tour -3 Hours
Minimum Age -6 years
Capacity - 40
Riders weight -250lbs
8-10 Experienced Guides accompany each ride
Complimentary refreshments
The riders cameras, towels and personal belongings are taken by van to the beach.

Take an Air Conditioned bus ride along the scenic coastline, pass the quaint town of St. Ann’s Bay, the location of the original Spanish capital of the island, to the Chukka Cove Polo Club.

Saddle up for the 3 hour horseback ride through historic St. Ann. The tour takes you through Richmond and Llandovery, two of the oldest sugar estates on the island, with property titles dating back to the 1660’s and along the beachfront to Chukka Cove’s private beach.

Enjoy complimentary refreshments whilst your guides unsaddle your mounts and prepare for the amazing bareback ride in the Caribbean Sea. Afterwards, relax and take a shower while the guides re-saddle the horses for the return trip to Chukka Cove.

Chukka Caribbean Adventure's ATV Safari (Ocho Rios)
Duration of Tour -2 hours (excluding transfer)
Minimum Age -16 years
Capacity -8 per tour
Complimentary Refreshment -Water and Fruit Punch
Weight Limit -420 lbs
Experienced Guides
No ATV Experience Required
Not optional for pregnant women
What to bring: Towel, Swimwear, long pants/jean, sunscreen, sunglasses, sneakers, cash/credit card.

Dare to be adventurous, dare to experience a different level of excitement, dare to be young at heart!

Start your tour at Chukka Cove Farm with a short safety briefing and riding lesson then head across the Richmond Property, pass an old Sugar Factory, situated on one of the oldest estates in Jamaica, where you will learn its history.

Ride through a river bed, lush forests and tropical foliage stopping at the Village of Chester, the home of Chester All Age School. Observe the children in their learning environment and enjoy stories of the school and community’s colorful history.

Journey deeper into the scenic country side, through paths that meander along shadowed corridors, beneath the jungle canopy, across river beds and hillocks. Refreshment is served whilst you enjoy the spectacular view of the coastline and the Caribbean Sea and learn more about the history of the area.

After a leisurely ride back to Chukka Cove, end your tour with a dip in the deep blue water of our private cove - carved by nature out of rock to form a perfect pool. This swim in the cooling Caribbean waters is guaranteed to revitalize and relax after an exciting tour.

Jeep Safari Tours

1. Fern Gulley Tour

Experience the real Caribbean in our "Zebra Striped Safari Jeeps" . Drive up through the famous "Fern Gully" getting a glimpse of the 200 different ferns, have a view of our mountains and valleys seeing our lush nature.

We will take you up to the highest viewpoint, "Murphy Hill" (2000 feet above sea level), look down upon Ocho Rios, the cruise ship pier, the Blue Mountains, and on a clear day you can even see "Cuba".

You will pass through small villages, where you can learn the history of the old Churches, see local marketplaces and the statue of Christopher Columbus. During this tour you will visit one of Jamaica's largest estates seeing a working Cattle Station and a small Coffee Plantation.

Taste and learn about our fruits and Jamaica's great history. The highlight of your tour will be the Dunn's River Falls" , where you can climb the 600 feet cascades.

Get Wet! Enjoy!

2. Coyaba Gardens Tour

Travel with us in our Zebra striped Jeep to the exotic and colorful Coyaba River Garden, where you will take a leisurely walk around the property, admiring crystal clear natural springs, which rise on the property, waterfalls, beautiful flora and giant tropical trees. Also browse through a museum, which displays artifacts of Jamaica’s amazing history. Watch fish in their natural aquarium and visit the gift shop.

Your journey continues to 2000 feet above sea level, to Murphy’s Hill, the highest view point, for a panoramic view of Ocho Rios and surrounding areas. From this vantage point you can catch a glimpse of the Blue Mountains and Cuba on a clear day.

Travel through the hills to a 17th Century Landmark “The Spanish Bridge” which overlooks the blue waters of the White River, ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating. Natives have been known to seek out this river for reducing aging signs.

You will be taken through more lush vegetation back to your hotel.

Yeah Mon! You have just seen a piece of the best that Jamaica has to offer.

3. Bob Marley Jeep Tour

A unique opportunity to visit the birthplace of the “King of Reggae”.

This tour takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Jamaica, traveling via Higgin Town and Claremont to the village of Nine Mile, a quaint little place in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann. It is here on the 6th of February 1945 the legendary “King of Reggae” was born and it is the very same place he was later laid to rest.

A tour of Nine Mile is a family affair as many of Bob’s close family live there, including his mother, affectionately known as Mother B and Uncle Lloyd, who tell tales of Bob’s Childhood.

The tour takes you through the house Bob lived in as a young boy and your Rastafarian guide will share with you little known insights into Bob Marley’s childhood and musical career. Stand on “Mount Zion Rock” where Bob used to meditate and rest your head on “the pillow” made famous in the song “Talking Blues”. Finally, walk through the mausoleum, which is his final resting place.

The return trip is a continuation of your excursion through rural Jamaica, as you wind your way through picturesque Lime Hall and St. Ann’s Bay back to the North Coast.

A must for all Bob Marley & Reggae music fans. “ONE LOVE”

Zion Bus Tour

Our authentic Jamaican Country Bus, the “Zion Bus Line”, will take you on a unique tour from Island Village in Ocho Rios, via Claremont to the birth and final resting place of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. This pilgrimage has been specifically designed for Reggae enthusiasts and hardcore Bob Marley fans, who would like to visit the “Graceland” of Reggae.

The bus ride is a scenic tour of rural St. Ann. Rock to the rhythm of Bob’s greatest hits as your “dreadlocked” driver negotiates the narrow winding country roads to the mountain village of Nine Miles. Level the vibes with an IRIE Rum Punch and listen carefully as your “ductor” (conductor & guide) tells tales of the life and times of young Bob and how he grew up in the hills of St. Ann.

On the return trip via Higgin Town and St. Ann’s Bay, stop at the local Jerk Centre for an authentic Jamaican lunch treat of Jerk Pork & Chicken, Rice & Peas, Festival and “Belly Wash” Lemonade.

If you are a baby boomer who was hip to the 60’s & 70’s music of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff or if you are now a fan of Shaggy, Beenie Man and the Dance Hall phenomenon, this is a Reggae experience you can’t miss.


Canopy Tour

A new trail -- through lush jungle in the heart of the spectacular Cranbrook Flower Forest -- leads to the start of this unforgettable Chukka Cove Original Canopy Tour adventure. After instruction from extensively trained guides, you take a short nature walk to your 1st platform nestled on the hillside overlooking the treetops and jungle “canopy”. You begin your tour by soaring through the trees using an intricate system of harnesses, pulleys and carabiners on horizontal traverses, while gazing at the surrounding jungle until you arrive at the next Cliffside platform, 45 feet above the ground.

Nine traverses, from 105 feet to 660 feet apart, have you swinging through the Laughlands River gorge, a giant valley carved from the surrounding mountain by ancient waters (a sparkling river still flows through it). From your bird’s eye view, you’ll survey the flora and fauna of this magnificent landscape, all while listening to the gentle sounds of nature. At different points in the tour, you will even get a glimpse of the miles-away Caribbean Sea and learn interesting facts about the surrounding tree and plant life from our well informed guides.

After leaving the valley, you really fly, embarking on a series of long throws – with the last traverse being 600 feet long. Here, after removing your equipment, you unwind from your exhilarating adventure with a walk through the flowering trees of Cranbrook.

Kayak Tour

Your kayak tour takes you along the White River starting at The Old Spanish Bridge built by the first European settlers in the seventeenth century.

Paddle your way through the rapids and crystal clear pools under a canopy of lush tropical vegetation and huge bamboo groves.

At the halfway mark, the Arawak Gazebo is seen nestled in the trees on the bank of the river as you go floating by. Your excursion continues through breathtaking rapids and enchanting lagoons.

The kayaking adventure ends in the serenity of the Bamboo Cathedral where giant Bamboo trees arch over the water.

Disembark the river and enter the beautifully landscaped gardens of the White River Valley Park where you can browse our gift shop or indulge in Jamaican cuisine or be refreshed at the Parrot Bar.

River Valley Mountain Ride

The Pineapple Riding Stable is located within the heart of a floral paradise at White River Valley.

Here, experienced guides assist you to mount fine, majestic animals while acquainting you with their names (T-Grey, Moonstruck and Missile Crisis…). Saddle up for the ride of your life!

Your path meanders along the course of the river while the sound of streaming water creates background music for your listening pleasure. In the depths of the Cascade Rainforest, the sun plays hide and seek through the canopy of thick tropical foliage.

Make your full circle through the hills, passing through orchards and stop for a quick Jamaican style refreshment as you view the picturesque countryside from the Old Pimento (Allspice) House.

End your experience back at the floral paradise where you can browse our gift shop filled with unique Jamaican products or listen to Caribbean music while sipping a cold beverage at the Parrot Bar.

Stingray City Jamaica Tour

Stingray City Jamaica is located 25 minutes east of Ocho Rios. You will be transported by air-conditioned bus along the North coast to the picturesque town of Oracabessa. This unique name is derived from "Golden Head" which was the name given to this coastal town by the Spanish explorers to Jamaica back in the 1500s.

On arrival at our beautiful private peninsula you will be given a brief orientation and safety briefing to demonstrate the correct way to handle a Stingray. Then it is time to wade into the beautiful Caribbean sea to feed and pet these marine creatures. Equipped with complimentary snorkels and masks you can view with ease and comfort these magnificent and graceful Stingrays. Get to know your favorite ray by name and take a photo to prove your bravery to the folks back home
After your 45 minute interaction with the rays you can continue to relax by the bar, grab a snack at the grill, view your photos and browse the authentic Jamaican ware in our craft village until it is time to wave goodbye to the rays.

Chukka Cove's Mountain to Sea Bike Adventure

Discover the real Jamaica. Take an invigorating and scenic mountain bike ride from the hills to the valleys: high in the mountains of St. Ann down through woodland and meadow. From the quaint village of Mount Zion to a thirst quenching stop at the Spicey Grove Tavern…and, finally, to the picturesque Chukka Cove, carved by nature out of a rock to form a serene and beautiful pool, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

After the swim, relax with a cold Red Stripe beer and return to the ship/hotel refreshed, exhilarated, with unique memories of Jamaica!

Experienced guides accompany all rides. Bikers' cameras, towels and other personal belongings follow the ride by van.

Duration of the Tour: 3 Hours plus Transportation.

What to Bring: Cameras, Beachwear and Towels