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SunVillas Invoice Payment Options

Credit Cards or ACH payments

SunVillas Vacation Rentals accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or ACH - Automated Clearing House (online payments from your checking account) for payment on both invoice deposits and final payments. There are no credit card surcharge or ACH fees for villa and ground transportation when booked directly with SunVillas. There are three ways to make a credit card or ACH payment:

1. Direct On-Line Payment (Easy Method):  In conjunction with Bill & Pay we have created a secure web site where you can directly make a payment without creating an account. You will be asked to "Identify yourself" and to enter the following information. So please make sure you have a recent invoice so you can enter this information exactly as it appears on your invoice. Click here to go to Direct Payment.

Invoice Number: Invoice Number on Reservation
Total Amount: This should be the Total USD on your Invoice (not the deposit). Enter the invoice total even if you have already made a partial payment. Amount should not have a dollar sign or comma. So $5,000.00 should be entered as 5000.00
Due Date: Final Payment Due Date (NOT Deposit due date). Date should be entered exactly as shown on the invoice with all the zero's like in 02/03/2016.

2. Online Bill Payment Account (Create a user Account): Another option is to create an online bill payment account. Our free online payment system allows you to review your invoice, pay securely by check or credit card, access payment history, receive payment reminders and set up automatic recurring payments. The main difference from Direct On-Line Payment is that you can log in and out without using invoice information. Click here to create a new account or to log in.

3. Credit Card Authorization Form (FAX information):   You can submit your credit card information by FAX or mail directly to us with your signature authorizing the credit card payment.

4. Call us with the credit card information. 800-516-4353 or 941-870-2133



Checks are always welcome. Checks should be in USD and should be made out to SunVillas Vacation Rentals and sent to:

SunVillas Vacation Rentals
P.O. Box 285
Osprey, FL 34229

Wire Transfer

Please contact our office for the wire transfer instructions.