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Bolt House History
Port Maria, Jamaica

With it's rich and almost mythical heritage, dating back to the '50’s and '60's, Bolt House has played a significant role in the social life of the island, hosting such luminaries as Charlie Chaplin and the Queen Mother of England. The property came alive during the era of Ian Fleming, thespian and author of the James Bond novels; Noel Coward, famed artist; and at the centre of Bolt House's history, Blanche Blackwell daughter of Alexandre Lindo. Bolt House was built in the 1950's in St. Mary, Jamaica. After Blanche Blackwell's divorce from her husband, Joseph Blackwell, her brothers who were now sole proprietors of the family's Banana Plantations, asked her to return from England to Jamaica to aid in the management of the fields. Blanche, they knew, would execute this task well, as a young child she spent many days with her father in the sugar fields. Blanche Blackwell, was also very free spirited, a trait which followed her into adulthood. This made her a very engaging and entertaining personality. Not long after residing at Bolt House. she made friends with her two very famous neighbors, Mr. Ian Fleming who resided at a small home which he called Goldeneye and Mr. Noel Coward.

All three individuals became fast and dear friends, hosting many a party together, with equal the famous faces attending. Movie Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin and even the famous actress Sophia Lauren. When away from Bolt House, Blanche spent time at Goldeneye, where she was able to observe Ian Fleming's genius at work, creating and writing the characters of his James Bond novels. So too, a great deal of time was spent at Firefly and Blue Harbour with Noel Coward. There she once graciously assisted Noel in hosting the Queen of England. It is also said that the Queen was quite 'taken' with Blanche. Several decades later Blanche's son, Christopher Blackwell bought the Goldeneye property, which is still a close neighbor to the Bolt House. In 2000 Blanche Blackwell sold the Bolt House to it’s current owner who has totally refurbished the house and the land surrounding it.

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